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■Written Translations
<Business-Related (40 cases)>
Trading company (Corporate introduction letter)
Food company (Management plan)
Food company (Product introduction document)
Food company (Business card)
Food company 2 cases (Product specifications)
Temporary staffing companies 3 cases (Presentation materials)
Environment-related company in Spain 5 cases (Solar panel-related documents / Spanish to Japanese)
Translation company (Annual Securities Report/Japanese to English)
Pearl-related company 2 cases (Product warranty/Japanese to English)
Food company 3 cases (Inspection-related documents)
Printing company (PR documents for environment-related products)
Toba Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bonito shaving experience introduction document/Japanese to English)
Feed production company (HP/Japanese to English)
Accessory company (HP/Japanese to English)
IT Company (Event Promotion/Japanese to English)
Web designer (Catch copy)
Solar panel-related company in Spain (Earthquake risk management document)
Contractors (Report Article)
Apparel company (Fashion-related internet articles/Japanese to English)
Web production company (HP/Japanese to English)
Creative Agency (Documents related to a pharmaceutical company)
Electrical equipment company (HP)
Human Resource Development Company (Job advertisement)
Web Producer (Deloitte Tohmatsu-related documents/English to Japanese)
Web Producer (Real estate company advertisement video/English to Japanese/ Translation after transcription)
Web production company 2 cases (Fashion-related documents/Japanese to Spanish)
Web Producer (3D Printer-related document/Japanese to English)
Video production company 2 cases (Parts manufacturing document/Japanese to English and Simplified Chinese)
Video production company 2 cases (Parts manufacturing document/English to Japanese and Simplified Chinese)

<Mechanical (Automobiles, large machinery, etc) (39 cases)>
Translation company (Automotive document/Japanese to English)
Translation company 3 cases (Mechanical product specification/Japanese to English)
Translation company 2 cases (Machine instruction manual/Japanese to English)
Interpretation and translation company 14 cases (Software instruction manual)
Interpretation and translation company 3 cases (Communication manual document)
IT Company (Quote specifications and drawings/Japanese to English)
IT Company (Specifications/Japanese to English)
IT Company (Production specifications/Japanese to English)
IT Company (Automotive design document/Japanese to English)
Design company 2 cases (Product Manual/Japanese to English)
Machinery company 6 cases (Product handling manual)
Wind power equipment company (Product instruction manual)
Automobile manufacturing company (Procedures for manufacturing automobile parts)
Trading company (Machinery document/Japanese to English)
Machinery company (Parts manufacturing agreement/Japanese to English)

<Administrative (23 cases)>
Mie Prefectural Board of Education (Ise-Shima Summit-related Documents/Japanese to English)
Tokyo Immigration Bureau 5 cases (Application/Japanese to English)
Tokyo Immigration Bureau 2 cases (Certification-Related Documents)
Recruiting company (Proposal from Embassy of Pakistan/Japanese to English)
Minami Ise Town Commerce and Industry Association (Ophthalmologic certificate/Japanese to Spanish)
IT companies 2 cases (United Nations Hunger Map/English to Japanese)
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Visa documents/Japanese to English)
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Family register copy/Japanese to English)
Educational institutions (Marriage-related documents)
Educational institutions (Textbook)
Food company (Ministerial authorization certificate)
Individual customer (Questionnaire survey documents)
Individual customer (Passport-related documents)
Individual customer (Copy of family register/Japanese to English and Chinese)
Individual customer (Marriage notification)
Individual customer (Marriage certificate)

<Legal (Contract, etc.) (17 cases)>
Translation company (Radio Law Documents/Japanese to Spanish)
IT Company (Contract)
Educational institution 2 cases (Contract)
Electrical equipment company (Contract)
Vehicle operation company 3 cases (Employment contract document)
Temporary staffing company 5 cases (Documents related to labour regulations)
Web Producer (Employment documents/English to Japanese)
Web production company 3 cases (Contract/English to Japanese)

<Academic essays (11 cases)>
Hiroshima University 2 cases (Academic essays/Sports/Japanese to Italian)
Tohoku University 2 cases (Scientific essays/Linguistics/Japanese to English)
Universities (Academic essays/Japanese to English)
Educational institution 5 cases (Academic essay)
Educational institution (Catholic law related documents)

<Literary (5 cases)>
Picture book author (Introduction document of an illustrated book/Japanese to English and Spanish)
Translation company (Book/Spanish to Japanese)
IT company 3 cases (Anime program advertising brochure/Japanese to English/Chinese (Simplified)/Korean)

<Healthcare Related (3 cases)>
Individual customer (Video translation of medical websites)
Crowdsourcing company (Medical document)
Web production company (Medical document/Japanese to English)

<Tourism (23 cases)>
IT company 4 cases (Tourist app.)
IT company 2 cases (Himeji city tourism map/Japanese to English and Indonesian)
Inn 5 cases (HP/Japanese to English/Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)/Korean)
Video production company (Hotel PR documents)
Printing company (Tourism promotion documents)
Web production and printing company (Tourism promotion documents)
Language school (Tourism promotion documents)
Map making company 3 cases
(Tourist map documents/Japanese to English/Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)/Korea
n) Mass media-related company 5 cases (documents related to tourism)

<Sports (40 cases)>
Sports marketing company 35 cases (Sports-related documents)
Sports marketing companies 4 cases
(Japan Football Association (JFA) website/Japanese to English)
Sports marketing company
(Soccer-related documents/Daily annual translation/Japanese to English, Portuguese, and Spanish)

<Fisheries (7 cases)>
Mie prefectural government (Fisheries promotion documents/Japanese to English)
Mie Prefectural Assembly Member 3 cases (Fisheries documents/Japanese to English and Spanish)
Translation company 3 cases (Shipping documents/Japanese to English)

<Food and beverage (4 cases)>
IT company 4 cases (Yakiniku restaurant brochure/Japanese to Thai)

*Video and translation (7 cases)
<Documentary (1 case)>
Video translation company (Documentary/Japanese to English)

<Movie (1 case)>
Video translation company (Movie subtitle/Japanese to English)

<Video (3 cases)>
Translation agency 2 cases (Video translation/Japanese to English)
TV program production company (Video translation)

<Voice (2 cases)>
Translation agency 2 cases (Speech translation)

*Native Check and Proofing of Translated Documents (34 cases)
<Business-Related (12 cases)>
Department store 4 cases (Foreign language floor guide/English, Chinese and Korean)
Environment-related company in Spain (Solar power documents/Spanish)
Flower arrangement company (HP/English)
Individual customer (Email communication/English)
Web production and printing company (Italian restaurant HP/English)

<Mechanical (11 cases)>
Translation company 3 cases (Electronic device screen text/English)
Trading company 6 cases (Electronic device document/English, Korean, Chinese, Russian and French)
Interpreters/translation company 2 cases (Software instruction manual/English, Russian and French)

<Healthcare Related (2 cases)>
Trading company (Ophthalmological society documents/English)
Individual customer (Healthcare website/English)

<Academic essays (2 cases)>
Universities 2 cases (Scientific essays/Portuguese)

<Books (2 cases)>
Architectural Institute of Japan (Architecture book/English)
Kobe University (Architecture book/English)

<Literary (1 case)>
IT Company (Anime program advertising brochure/English, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean)

<Tourism (2 cases)>
IT Company (Tourist app./English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean)
IT Company (Himeji City tourist Map/English, Korean and Indonesian)

<Sports (3 cases)>
Sports marketing company 3 cases
(Sports news documents/English, Spanish and Portuguese)

<Individuals (1 case)>
Individual customer (Contest speech d.ocument/English)

*Domestic Interpretation (20 cases)
<Business-Related (11 cases)>
TV Asahi Corporation (English/Interview with tourists/Ise City, Mie Prefecture)
Temporary staffing company 2 cases (English/Meetings with foreign employees/Tsu City, Mie Prefecture)
Tokai TV Corporation (English/Interview/Ise City, Mie)
Photographic company in Australia (English/International Exhibition/Koto Ward, Tokyo)
Pearl aquaculture company (English/Business negotiations/Kyoto City, Kyoto)
Pearl aquaculture company (English/Business negotiations/Toba City, Mie)
Youth development foundation (Italian/Art lessons/Matsusaka City, Mie)
Translation company (Italian/Business negotiations /Itami City, Hyogo)
Machinery company (English/AI and Overseas sales workshop/Shima City, Mie Prefecture)
Automotive company (English and Spanish/Automobile factory training for a month/Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture)
Electronic companies (English/Plant work training/Iga City, Mie)

<Administrative (3 cases)>
International foundation (English/Banquet for ambassadors of foreign countries/Toba City, Mie Prefecture)
International labour foundation (Banquet/French and Arabic/Tsu City, Mie Prefecture)
International foundation (Spanish/Consultation/Tsu City, Mie Prefecture)

<Mass media related (1 case)>
CM making company (English/TV commercial Audition/Minato ward, Tokyo)

<Legal (3 cases)>
Construction company (Turkish/Legal counselling/Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
Construction company (Turkish/Industrial accident-related opinion exchange Meeting/Ama City, Aichi Prefecture)
Construction company (Turkish/Labour-related opinion exchange Meeting/Labour standards inspection office, Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture)

<Healthcare Related (1 case)>
Construction company (Turkish/Hospital filing/Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)

<Person Relationships (1 case)>
Individual customers (French/Wedding reception/Shima City, Mie Prefecture)

*Overseas local interpretation (13 cases)
<Business-Related (13 cases)>
Machinery company 2 cases (USA, New Jersey/Business negotiations and local plant inspection/English)
Machinery company 3 cases (Philippines, Manila/Business negotiations/English and Tagalog)
Electrical machinery company (Indonesia, Jakarta/Local plant inspection/Indonesian)
Food-related company 2 cases (Turin, Italy/Local plant inspection/Italian)
Individual customer (Indonesia, Jakarta/ Business negotiations /Indonesian)
IT Company (Indonesia, Jakarta/ Business negotiations/Indonesian)
kindergarten 2 cases(Barcelona, Spain/Visit to local kindergarten/Spanish)

*Overseas Market Survey (3 cases)
<Administrative (3 cases)>
Mie Prefectural Assembly Member 3 Cases
(USA/Bioethanol, Norway/Fishery, Spain/Fishery)

*Trade assistance (6 cases)
<Business-Related (6 cases)>
Living environment-related company
(Negotiations with customs and inspection authorities, telephone and email exchanges with a Taiwanese company/English)
Individual customers 2 cases (Email communication with an Indonesian Company/English)
Design company (Email deals with a Hong Kong company/English)
French restaurant (Email deal with a French Food Association/English)
Overseas film making company (Email communication with a Taiwanese Company/English)